¡Madridista hasta la muerte!

Madridistas the world over are celebrating tonight. The wine tastes sweeter. I hope our boys have bitching hangovers tomorrow, because this is a much deserved victory. They must have fun, to remind them of why they are in this industry, to remind them of how it was when they were kids playing kickabout down the road from home, to remind them that all the bureaucracy, all the missed moments and all the physical suffering was worth it.

The last time we won a major title, I was still in high school, I was in Madrid on holiday with my mum, and the next day they came within centimetres of me and I nearly fainted. So much has changed since then. I’ve learnt a lot, my personality has evolved. I’m in my third year of uni, moving into my own place in September and I haven’t gone on a trip with my mum in years. I’m sure it’s the same for everybody. Real Madrid too, have changed. But at the end of the day, at the end of the season, we are still who we started out as.

Somos campeones. N°30. Hello, victory, hello again, Cibeles. Hello again to our famous focus, commitment, passion, pride.

Congratulations to Capello and our training team. Congratulations to the administration and management, to Calderón. Most importantly, congratulations to the boys in white because they have been working for this, some of them have been working for this for the past four seasons. Especially, though, I want to congratulate los madridistas, the fans because without us, there is no rhyme nor reason, and we have been steadfastly loyal, not always pleased, sometimes faith flagging, sometimes downright furious with our players or management or club, but we have never turned our backs on them and we have always maintained our pride.

The end of this season not only brings our much desired, deserved and needed silverware, but a cathartic release of the past five years. We all needed this. The heart-stopping anxiety, clenched fists, tears we’ve cried makes this victory sweeter. Now we can close a chapter in our Real Madrid life to make room for a higher level for our club in the future.

Goodbye Beckham, Roberto Carlos, Ronaldo. Goodbye Zidane. Goodbye Figo. Goodbye Morientes. Goodbye Solari. Goodbye Cambiasso, Celades. Goodbye Samuel, Owen, Woodgate, Gravesen. Goodbye Hierro. Goodbye McManaman. Goodbye Makalélé. Goodbye Del Bosque, Camacho, García Remón, Luxemburgo, López Caro. Goodbye Tino Perez, Sanz. Goodbye Los Galacticos, “Zidanes y Pavones”, the old guard. It was beautiful while it lasted, we’ll keep the memories good and bad, but it’s time for the new kids, baby.

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