Real (madrid)isaster waiting to happen

I was moved, in a negative way, to write this following poll results about whether or not Schuster should stay or go. It bothers me that everybody points fingers at the manager, but not at the management. In my opinion, the way the Real management and fans mistakenly assume that he is the cause entirely of the terrible way the team is playing is completely baseless and illogical. To fire him at this stage of the season is not going to make things better, especially with the potential replacements being bandied about in the media. Instability isn’t just bad for the economy it’s also bad for a football team.

A first class chef works with only the freshest ingredients available in order to produce the best results and his boss, the owners must agree to this, allow this to occur, give him the green light, sign the cheques for the food delivery shipments everyday, a first class manager should be given some say in the athletes he chooses on his squad or not and the management should trust that they have hired someone competent to do what is an essential part of his job.

In my opinion, Pedrag Mijatovic is poison to the squad, plans and the way the club functions as much as Sergio Ramos’ comments to the press and as much as the petulant behaviour of Schuster in face of great opposition to his plans are. As much as the way Michel Salgado and, yes, I admit, Raúl Gonzalez, once king of La Liga, is holding back someone who is worth it from the starting position and would probably do well with football management training programmes for a couple of years before he’s unleashed upon the world as a manager. Mijatovic, who was a great footballer for Real Madrid, for blocking a lot of Schuster’s plans, for not allowing Schuster any space to decide who gets to be on his team because of “tenure” (which does not make any logical sense existing in an industry that praises and requires youth and stamina) and our mission statement of “beautiful football [no matter how inefficient] and winning it too” leaves him with little to no options with how to handle very different opposition teams with very different strategic formations and zero flexibility in cases of essential squad member injuries.

We always talk about needed new strikers and Sergio Ramos whines about not having someone helping him out in the midfield, but the area of greatest concern that fans and sports pundits alike always point to, is the defense, and …there has been no talk about potential signings in January for our defense. Where is that conversation? Why is that not prominent? Why does nobody care when it comes down to it? We like the flash and the shine of the trophies but when shit goes down, it’s easier to fire the manager than to sit down and figure out what is wrong. How come nobody ever considered firing some players or management? (Yes, even the effective ones, because they make noise and whine.) Letting players and upper-level management that aren’t involved during training or matches have their way with first team management is like allowing rich little pouty boys have their way.

Ramos and Pepe need severe talking tos. Salgado, Heinze, Metzelder, Robben, Raúl and Saviola do need to go. Find a right winger to keep Ramos happy, sure, but we do need effective defenders–this part of the pitch has never stopped being an area of concern–as well as strikers and midfielders who don’t see the team as a way to the top of the most famous, most popular, most best XYZ lists and don’t mind that when they’re not performing the way it works is, they play someone else.

There are 11 players fielded for one team at any given moment and twelve more waiting on the sidelines raring to go, so how can you  blame the manager who’s trying to balance the desires of the varied playing styles, ego sizes and physical constraints of each of these players as well as the books of the profit-and-trophy greed of the upper level management and his responsibilities of coaching and football management? The math doesn’t add up, he shouldn’t be the most expendable. It’s not efficient nor sustainable.

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