AFR: World Cup 1 – 0 World Issues (or, A Brief Word from Toronto)


G20 Toronto 2010 International Press Media Centre
From Torontoist, the International Press Media Centre at the G20, where everybody's watching the World Cup.

A Football Report: Soraya Soemadiredja

The scene above is from the International Media Centre, from Torontoist (go there for actual interesting news about the summit). These figures in the photograph are international media here to cover the G20 summit in Toronto. According to Torontoist, in this photograph, they are actually watching the World Cup (Denmark versus Japan, to be precise). In the Alternative Media Centre (where the International NGOs, watchdogs and alternative media are parked), they are also watching the World Cup.

I wrote about the G20 summit and football previously. Now it’s actually here. The word on everybody’s lips? It’s all about the World Cup. Based on our knowledge of the nations and regions represented in the G20, can we assume that the Official Delegations and World Leaders are all watching the World Cup?

Protestors can protest till the cows come home, testing out the 21 km security fencing around the G20 centre in Canada, but I bet leaders of whom they’re demanding the heads and empty promises to be finally be fulfilled are all just parked in front of big screens, Pressing World Issues (TM) be damned.

Somewhere in South Africa, Sepp Blatter and his minions are cackling with glee. Here is more proof the clear superiority of International Football (as mandated by FIFA) over International Diplomacy. If this doesn’t show how evil and/or brilliantly clever they are, what else does?

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