todo me parece bonito

It’s like this.

Semua, all; Bangsa, nation. From the verbal art written by Pramoedya Ananta Toer.

At the moment, this is nothing more or less than a repository of my writing. They are mostly on football and the vast majority are my contributions to A Football Report, a collective football writing which has gathered some great young writers from everywhere on the world’s game.

My main writing interest is the overlap between football, at the local, regional and international level, with politics at the local, regional and international level and how one informs the other. This may or may not have to do with the fact that I studied politics in developing regions/emerging economies (Latin America, South/South East Asia, Africa) and the junctures of sport and globalisation and making this the only viable option open to me.  I am also always open to constructive criticism and critiques of the articles within.

Just to clarify, I am an Indonesian citizen; at the moment based in Tashkent, Uzbekistan (though this changes often and could change at any given moment); used to study in Toronto, Canada; and spent a formative decade in Manila, Philippines. Sometimes I write about my travels, though very, very rarely.

For purposes of full disclosure, I support my beloved Indonesia, the Garuda in their Merah Putih. For many reasons, I also throw my hat behind the Philippines, the Azkals. Since my move, I have been watching Uzbekistan, closely. They are my hosts. I grew up in developing countries, I want to see them succeed above all. Of course, I’ll give Canada love, too.

While I rarely write about club football as such, I should warn that I am a massive aficiónado of Real Madrid and believe that YNWA with Liverpool FC, as well as a lover of Toronto FC, the reds from the great white north, whose home grounds, BMO Field, I have spent many a good (and bad) time and where I feel quite at home. My main club interest means that I tend to, but do not always, support Spain–and have since the days of El Butragueño–only when it comes to European championships. As mentioned before, when it comes to the world stage, I am a firm supporter in the football of developing countries.

I could also go into a (fairly short) list of whos and whys of club and national teams I do not support, but I fear this would make me seem very cynical, and if you follow my twitter, I tend to make it fairly obvious.

Lastly, I am desperately attempting to curb my compulsive habit of collecting football jerseys.