Of places and lovers

When all is said and done, I love Toronto.

I walked home after midnight from all the way down town and it took me about 45 minutes but it was a beautiful night and a much needed walk. But I realised something. I can never call it home. I’m constantly saying goodbye to the city. Every walk I take, every time I wait for 20 minutes for the TTC, every dinner on the patio of my oldest, first restaurant here, with a glass of wine, every trip to the BMO down the waterfront, I’m always saying goodbye.

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Spoilt for Choice in Cascais

There is an avenue on which the flat in Cascais is where I invited myself to stay, one sunny but still chilly June a few years ago, is. Straight ahead, the Praia dos Pescadores, the fishermen’s beach and then the crystal blue of the Oceano Atlântico, but don’t forget a stop by the fish market a few metres closer to us, and wonderful views throughout and many places to satisfy the appetite.

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