AFR: The Homeless World Cup Kicks Off

A Football Report: Soraya Soemadiredja, Jakarta.

Rio de Janeiro’s famous Copacabana is usually known for the beach bums and beauties, but this week, four years before Brazil’s Men’s World Cup hosting gig, it will be ‘home’ to teams from over 50 nations and territories who will compete in the 2010 Homeless World Cup to raise global awareness and “beat homelessness through football”.

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Of places and lovers

When all is said and done, I love Toronto.

I walked home after midnight from all the way down town and it took me about 45 minutes but it was a beautiful night and a much needed walk. But I realised something. I can never call it home. I’m constantly saying goodbye to the city. Every walk I take, every time I wait for 20 minutes for the TTC, every dinner on the patio of my oldest, first restaurant here, with a glass of wine, every trip to the BMO down the waterfront, I’m always saying goodbye.

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