Real (madrid)isaster waiting to happen

I was moved, in a negative way, to write this following poll results about whether or not Schuster should stay or go. It bothers me that everybody points fingers at the manager, but not at the management. In my opinion, the way the Real management and fans mistakenly assume that he is the cause entirely of the terrible way the team is playing is completely baseless and illogical. To fire him at this stage of the season is not going to make things better, especially with the potential replacements being bandied about in the media. Instability isn’t just bad for the economy it’s also bad for a football team.

A first class chef works with only the freshest ingredients available in order to produce the best results and his boss, the owners must agree to this, allow this to occur, give him the green light, sign the cheques for the food delivery shipments everyday, a first class manager should be given some say in the athletes he chooses on his squad or not and the management should trust that they have hired someone competent to do what is an essential part of his job.

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┬íMadridista hasta la muerte!

Madridistas the world over are celebrating tonight. The wine tastes sweeter. I hope our boys have bitching hangovers tomorrow, because this is a much deserved victory. They must have fun, to remind them of why they are in this industry, to remind them of how it was when they were kids playing kickabout down the road from home, to remind them that all the bureaucracy, all the missed moments and all the physical suffering was worth it.

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